Counselor FAQ

Halstead Elementary School

Halstead Elementary School Counselor contact information:
Email Tiffani Peoples

  1. What if my child is anxious or has anxiety about world events, who will help my child and what strategies will they teach?
    Students will learn coping skills from many different staff members throughout the school.  The school counselor will visit classrooms to introduce the counseling program and how to get in touch with the counselor if the need arises.  Throughout the school year, the counselor will continue to visit classrooms and teach skills necessary to work through anger, frustration, bullying, anxiety, kindness, acceptance, and many more.  If your child shows a need for a more focused approach to certain struggles, they will have the opportunity to meet with the counselor individually or within a small group.  Parents will be notified and permission obtained if this is necessary. 

  2. Will my child be able to interact with other students? 
    Students at Halstead will start their day with Circle Time which provides an opportunity to interact with other students discussing varies topics during breakfast while ensuring social distancing in the classroom.  Students will have a chance to participate in certain outdoor activities following the social distancing guidelines. 

  3. Will my child have an opportunity to participate in lunch bunch at school?
    Yes, your child may participate in lunch bunch which is a proactive way to review social skills or discuss varies topics with the school counselor.  Lunch bunch will not be as often as in the past due to smaller groups of 3 students which will follow social distancing guidelines.  

  4. If my child is participating in At–Home learning will my child have a chance to speak to the School Counselor? 
    Contact the school counselor through Schoology, send an email, or call Halstead Elementary School.  The counselor will respond within 24 – 48 hours.   

  5. Can my child participate in lunch bunch while attending At–Home learning?
    Yes, your child will be able to participate in lunch bunch virtually through Schoology.  Contact the school counselor through Schoology, send an email, or call Halstead Elementary School. 

  6. How will 504 meetings be held?
    504 meetings can be held in person or through a phone conference.  Annual reviews will be held on an as – needed basis.  

  7. What do I do if I think my At–Home learner might qualify for 504 services?
    If you believe that your At–Home learner might qualify for 504 services, please contact the campus counselor through Schoology, send an email, or call the school and the counselor will walk you through the process involved in determining eligibility.  

  8. What resources are available for my child and family?
    Please contact Halstead’s Communities in Schools through Schoology, email, or call Halstead.  
    @ 254-547-3440