Effective Parenting Tips

"De-stressing Your Family"

No doubt,family life can be stressful! While there's no way to take stress completely out of your household, the following tips can make life more relaxing,enjoyable and emotionally healthy for your whole family:

  • Take time daily to talk as a family; encourage open expressions of feelings and emotions: really listen to each other. (Turn off the TV)

  • Encourage your family to share their daily stressors.

  • Post a large calendar where all family members can write down their schedules.

  • Look at extra- curricular activities. If children or parents show signs of too much stress, cut back.

  • Set a limit on children's activities and then let them choose the ones they really want to do.

  • Hold weekly family meetings to: Look at everyone's schedule for the week. Resolve problem areas and conflicts. Set expections for sharing the "load".

  • Develop a family priority list.What is really important? What can be let go?

  • Set reasonable expectations for yourself and other family members.

  • Problem solve...Meals can be nutritious without a lot of work! The world won't fall apart if a bed isn't made!

  • Identify those problems that put stress on everyone, i.e, morning hassles, homework or bedtimes, work  out a solution and stick to it.

Remember, Children Are Only Young Once.

Enjoy Them While You Have The Chance!

This Parenting Quick Tip is taken from Practical Parenting Education.